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A weekend in Rome, the perfect family getaway

Mis à jour : 3 déc. 2019

All roads lead to Rome. The Italian capital is a unique city, incredibly rich in history where almost 30 centuries of history meet, with it's Roman remains, it's numerous churches, its baroque fountains and its medieval alleys the traveler is for sure overwhelmed by Rome's history.

Stroll through its narrow streets, drink a cappuccino at the counter of a local bar, make a wish at the Trevi Fountain and finish the day on a sunny terrace with some homemade spaghetti ..

That's what you call La Dulce Vita..

We love Rome for its history, its architecture, all of the hidden treasures you can spot at every street corner, its gastronomy, its cappuccinos and for the Italians, so sweet with our "bambinos"!

Rome will always have a special place in my heart, it was the city of our honeymoon .. This time we brought the kids.

These are our must-see sights when visiting Rome as a family.

The Forum and The Coliseum

A trip to Rome with your family is an ideal way to introduce your children to the history of the ancient Roman civilization. Rome is a true historical treasure with legends and stories at every street corner.

Our kids were impressed by the majestic Coliseum, they had no trouble imagining the numerous gladiatorial battles that took place here. After the Coliseum we visited "The Forum", it took more imagination for our kids (and for us) to reconstruct these Roman remains in their minds. We recommend the book "Let's discover Ancient Rome with the goose Giulia" it explains in a very accessible way the city's many monuments and show the organization of the Roman society. It also reconstructs the cities ancient remains.

Martin had no trouble recognizing Trajan's markets and Maxime's Circus thanks to his book. We found it in a small souvenir shop in Rome but you can also find it here.

We chose an Airbnb close to Maxime's Circus, in the heart of the historical center. We loved this area for its central location, we were able to visit the Roman remains by foot. We recommend our Airbnb to families for its central location, its 3 spacious rooms, its kitchen and especially for the exceptional value for money it represents. Visit it here.

Trevi Fountain & Spanish Steps

Impossible not to visit the Trevi Fountain during your trip to Rome. The tradition is that the visitor throws two coins into the fountain, the first wish : return to Rome, the second wish, the wish of your choice !

Tossing coins and wishing together amused our kids a lot, they were impressed by Neptune and the majestic (sea) horses statues but also by all the coins at the bottom of the fountain. Did you know that 3000 € are thrown into the fountain each day ?

Our advice: visit the fountain before 8am to enjoy the place and take a picture. After 9am there are so many tourists that it is almost impossible to reach the water.

We visited the fountain before breakfast and enjoyed one in one of the many cafes around the square afterwards. On the menu, croissants, cappuccino and fresh orange juice .. I love Rome so much ! After this delicious breakfast we discovered Spanish Steps by foot, Rose enjoyed the many draft horses and their vintage carriages. The streets are all pedestrian, a perfect morning walk.

Trastevere and Campo de Fiori

All these explorations made our kids hungry, time to enjoy a delicious Italian meal; lasagna, homemade pasta, pizza or ice cream, Italy is without a doubt the country where our children ate best while traveling !

In Trastevere you will find many typical restaurants with colorful tablecloths, serving delicious Italian specialties.

Our tip: After a delicious lunch cross the Tibre and explore the small streets of Campo de Fiori, in this trendy area you will find many cafes serving fresh orange juice and ice cream but also many second hand stores and other small independent shops.

Bike ride along the Tiber

On our 2nd morning in Rome, we came face to face with a bike rental shop. Dad, mom, do you see this funny bike? Martin saw a "Babboe" bike. "Why not Martin, let's explore Rome by bike!" After thinking it through for less than a minute we came to the conclusion that in Rome there are no bike paths... and we also got discouraged by the idea of all the traffic .. "Try a ride along the Tiber" suggested the owner.

Okay let's try!

The "Babboe" bike was a revelation. Trying it is definitely loving it ! Our two children weigh almost 40kg together but thanks to the electric system we did not really feel like pedaling.

The bike is not very handy and quite big but for a ride along the Tiber's bike paths it is just perfect!

During our bike ride we stopped at the many bridges to visit monuments all around the city. We rented our bikes here.


There are many museums to visit in Rome such as the Vatican Museums, Explora (Children's Museum in Rome) or the Planetarium of Rome. We unfortunately did not have enough time in the Italian capital to visit them but for a next visit they are already on our list !

After all we are sure we will return to Rome, as we all wished for it at Trevi's fountain...

Prepare yourself and your kids to visit Rome

Our Rome Vlog

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